Adventure and Eco-Tourism

Mountain Climbing

a. Gunung Rabong 5 Days/4 Nights

Gunung Rabong, with a height of 5,147 feet is a challenge for even the hardiest of climbers and will be a real test for strength and will power. This is because the climb will involve winding your way through undergrowth and jungle vines. There are some ‘easy’ parts, but best if you get the feel of it yourself instead of reading about it here.

This 5Days/4Nights package starts from Gua Musang, a small town in the Kelantan heartland. The stay in town alone is worth the trip if you are looking for sights off the beaten track. The ascent will start early morning with stops for lunch and dinner after setting up camp at designated places. At night sleeping with the background sound of a waterfall is an experience to remember.

At the top of the mountain awaits a breathtaking view of the hills and plains surrounding the area.

We will need a minimum of 10 persons to start the expedition and maximum is 20 persons.

Package Includes:

· 1 night accommodation at KESEDAR INN

· 1 dinner at KESEDAR INN

· 3 meals a day during outing

· Return transportation Gua Musang/Base Camp

· Tents

· Cooking utensils

· Foodstuff

· Insurance

· Guide

b. Gunung Stong 4 Days/3 Nights

Gunung Stong boasts one of the highest water falls in Southeast Asia. From a height of 1500 feet the water falls onto a 7-tiered cascade that provide a magnificent view from any angle.

Getting there will surely be worth the effort. And we can assure you that it will be no mean effort. Our advice that is this is not for just anybody, if you are not up to the challenge then it’s best that you just stay home and watch TV and let the rest of us go up and come back to tell you the story. That way you will still share our glory and spare us having to worry about stragglers.

Minimum – 06 persons

Package Includes:

· 1 night stay at KESEDAR INN

· 1 dinner at KESEDAR INN

· Train, boat and van charges (2-way)

· Park entry permit

· 3 meals a day through-out package

· Tents and back-packs

· Insurance

· Guide

Mineral water (2 bottles/pax)