Adventure and Eco-Tourism

Kelong Stay

The package starts from Penyabung on the east coast with a 20-minute boat ride to the kelong. After lunch, it’s free time till dinner. The idea is to just while away your time. If you are interested, you could tour the kelong and see how it’s run.

On the second day, try to wake up early enough for a glorious view of the sunrise. Then after breakfast, there is a tour of the surrounding islands and maybe some leisure fishing if you’re in the mood. Otherwise find yourself some thing to do till dinner.

Day three. Departure for the mainland at about mid morning and time to face reality once again.

Activities Available:

– Fishing

– Deep sea fishing (speed boat) (3 – 8 persons)

– Gorgeous Sibuat Island tour (max 10)

– Chalet Stay

– Private booking for the whole kelong (Max 48 persons) – Programs can be customised upon request

– Jet Ski

– Canoe

– Islands Tour by speed boat (min 10 persons)