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Jungle Survival

We have varied packages in this category that cater to different levels of fitness and desired activities. If you are game, go for all of them, otherwise below is a brief description of each package. Please contact us before confirming, as we have to let you know the details.

1. Mt. Puntung Asap 4D/3N

A package designed to trust in yourself with a can-do spirit. It involves an arduous climb up Mt Puntung Asap in Perak, a state in central west coast of West Malaysia. With a height of 5435 ft above sea level, the ascent will require several stops along the way. During the climb, you will also be introduced to the flora and fauna found along the trek.

The camping stops will also be a good time to really know your friends better. The nights will definitely be different than any other night you have known. The whole trip will become a journey like never before. It’s tough, but at the end of it all you’ll find that it was worth it.

The whole trip will take four days and three nights from Kuala Lumpur. Price includes Ex-KL return transfers, meals at Base Camp, food rations, tents and eating utensils. Don’t expect any five-star facilities in this package because there’s none.

Note: Trip operates with a minimum of 6 to 20 persons.

2. Survival Course 3D/2N

This is also a weekend getaway package. Don’t let the name deter you, it’s not as hard as it sounds. But only if you’re up to it. And as the package suggests, you will actually be taught jungle survival. Not that you will actually need the skills, hopefully. In any case the lessons of survival can be applied any where on earth, even in the urban jungle. Living with nature as it was intended is what counts here.
It’s a tough life, but for those who are game enough to try, the fun is priceless.

Friday nite departure EX-KL & arrival KL Monday nite
Price is inclusive of return transfers EX-KL, basic camping equipment, food rations and meals at the base camp.

3. Jungle Survival Course 4D/3N

This is the extended version of the weekend package. Entails a more detailed approach to jungle survival and would be worth a try if you were really into ‘back to nature living’. It’s a life style not many can afford, time wise. Most participants who have been through this course will come back for more. Our advice: don’t try if you are not prepared to be converted to a life at one with the elements. If you are still in love with the trappings of modern life and the thought of leaving your TV couch scares you stiff, then this is not for you.

Friday nite departure Ex-KL and Tuesday nite arrival KL

Prices are inclusive of return transfers Ex-KL, basic camping equipment, food rations and meals at the base camp.