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Incentive Tours

You have worked hard enough. Your achievements dictate that you deserve the best. More than enough reason to let Amber Regency Travel Sdn Bhd make all your travel arrangements. We have great packages for the successful person that you are and we can organise even better packages just as you want them. Whether in Malaysia or to any other places, the excitement begins with your first call.

Whenever you plan to have any such packages, get in touch with our professional Travel Planners. We will plan your trips to the destination of your choice and arrange whatever needs you may have to ensure a smooth and enjoyable excursion.

Whether your group is big or small, our Travel Planners will make sure that your group gets the most out of the trip. We offer value added products instead of off-the-shelf packages, and therefore will ensure that any such packages would cater specifically to your group requirements and therefore optimise the benefits for the group.

Amber Regency Travel Sdn Bhd. . . . . After all you deserve the best.