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Corporate Training

1. Applied Corporate Training


This out-doors practical course is formulated for individuals who in the course of performing their duties require teamwork, focus and decision-making. The course is divided into four modules, each having a specific task and purpose for the mental and physical developments of participants. While it is recommended that participants attend all four modules consecutively, each module can be taken on its own or on a staggered basis.

In formulating this course, it is understood that staying power and success is a state of mind. Therefore, through this course the participants will undergo a series of activities and discussions that will instill the spirit of self-awareness, team-building and risk-taking as well as resource management.

While it is understood that attitudes, mind set and culture developed over years cannot be changed or altered within the short period of time spent in corporate training, the modules are programmed to make a lasting impression on the participants. The programmes are designed for the participants to be dynamic thinkers. Instead of providing all the answers, the course is designed to let the participants find the answers. It is this dynamic thinking that will spur the participants to seek further goals in the workplace and excel as an active member of the organization.


To instill in the participants the importance and the values of their effort and the effects of their decisions on the team and ultimately the organization that they belong to.

The objective is not just team spirit, but the effect of team spirit. What is emphasized is not just leadership skills, but also the effects of their leadership and decision-making. This awareness will ultimately be translated into a sense of responsibility and camaraderie, which is a valuable asset to the organization. A sense of self worth and belonging to the organization within which there is knowledge that they are active contributors to the well being of that organization and not just as passengers. The end product will then be quality people that the organization will benefit from while enhancing the participants’ own net worth.


Applied Management Training – The concept of Applied Management is not new. But too many times nowadays, ‘Common Sense is becoming not so common’ and ‘What is obvious is the most overlooked’. Hence the need for Applied Management Training.

Within the scope of this concept what is taught and learned may not be directly related to the fields of its final application but rather the methods and processes of application.

The methods shown in each module of this programme are applied to real life corporate scenarios, as well as the everyday life of the participant. With further development, this approach will become habitual and second nature to the individual. At this stage problem solving, risk management and decision-making will come naturally and with a positive attitude the person is destined for success.

The training programme is divided into four different but related modules:


There are four modules in this programme, which can be attended separately as a stand-alone dedicated training or all four in the structured sequence for the benefits and effects to be best realized.

First Module – Self-awareness and Team Spirit

3 Days 2 Nights

This module is conducted in a private training facility with an area of three acres within a-94 acre park. Facilities available include various light to heavy obstacle courses and open-air hall with modern amenities.

This is the introductory module covering 3 days and 2 nights consisting of group light activities, workshops and discussions to familiarise the participants with the programme and get to know themselves and each other better. Each activity will be attended and guided by facilitators.

In this module participants are encouraged to find their best traits and limitations and to stretch but not exceed their own limitations. Within this boundary of their limitations, the participants need to perform to their own expectations and targets.

On completion of this module, participants should have a better understanding of their own operating envelop and have more self-awareness and confidence. They should also be more aware and have a better appreciation of other peoples’ abilities and shortcomings.

Highlights of the module:

– Self awareness

– Self confidence

– Realising own abilities and limitations

– Esprit de corp.

– Values of team spirit

– Developing and nurturing patience and understanding

– Sharing of ideas and information

Second Module – Corporate Alignment and Risk Management

4 Days 3Nights

The module will include among others, ‘white-water rafting’ which will take participants through some of the most scenic jungle areas of Kelantan. Along the river can be found several caves for first hand experience at archaeology and also Orang Asli settlements that can provide a unique experience for any participant.

Participants will go through the process of problem identification, evaluation and resolution under pressure.

With a target of completing the trip, participants will practice evaluation and taking risks to negotiate the rapids in the best possible route. Split second identification, evaluation and resolution is required with a raft speeding down the rapids. Good decision-making under pressure and the ability to handle stress are the qualities learnt from the rapids. All the participants will need to work together to achieve the team’s goal.

Leadership skills and teamwork are required in this exercise. Each participant will get a chance to be the team leader and get to make the calls.

Highlights of this module:

– Working together for the common goal

– Commitment and responsibilities towards the team

– Willingness to contribute towards the greater objectives of the team

– Corporate Alignment

– Decision-making and leadership skills

– Risk Management

– Responsibility

– Accountability

Third Module – Endurance, Survival Mode and Patience

5 Days 4 Nights

The practical activities in this module include mountain climbing and camping. Endurance and survival mentality are part of this program. Participants will also learn the value of patience, either with themselves or with others.

Mountain climbing is obviously taxing physically but also a test of mental endurance. Participants are encouraged to draw on their inner strength and complete the exercise. Time is not of importance here but rather the will power to finish the task.

In this module participants will need to switch on their survival mode in order to achieve their goal and at the same time not to forget their teammates who might be lagging behind. While this module stresses individual achievement, teamwork is also important in that the team must complete the task together to get recognition and points. The importance of this concept as a corporate culture is obvious.

Highlights of this module:

– Development of stamina and staying power

– Development of fighting spirit

– Perseverance

– Commitment

– Situational Awareness

Fourth Module – Corporate Resource Management

4 Days 3 Nights

The module is jungle survival but the application is corporate survival. The essence is that when the chips are down or things get tough executives need to be able to find and apply corporate resource to stay above the competition and excel. The module will introduce to the participants the idea of resourcefulness, making the best of available resources and to stretch what is available to achieve the desired results.

Participants will also find that corporate resources available are not only office automation and databases but also their fellow colleagues; human resource. This is one area in corporate management where most executives have been found to miss. Most of the time the most valuable of corporate assets are not tapped to the fullest. Senior executives rarely draw upon the knowledge and hands-on experience of their subordinates for fear of being seen as weak and ignorant. Junior executives do not seek advice or opinion from their superiors for fear of being branded as lazy or lacking in initiatives. Power Gradient is a major topic here.

Highlights of this Module:

– Resource management

– Information gathering

– Skills application

– Power Gradient

– Cross-cultural Awareness

2. Corporate Adventure Teambuilding


Jerantut Adventure Park – Tekam Plantation Resort

3 Days 2 Nights
Corporate Adventure Teambuilding is designed for various levels of personnel in any organization. It is an experiential training program, focusing on training that involves the whole person and applies the learning in all aspects of being. The activities are unknown and unfamiliar to the participants. They involve simulations, outdoor challenges and rope course event (flying fox), which create crises and chaos, similar to work.

The majority of organizations rely on teamwork to meet their business objectives. Effective teamwork depends upon building relationship and developing ways of working together. Out of the pressure of the work place, individuals develop a stronger sense of identity and commitment to the team. Our Adventure Learning Teambuilding concept aim to raise self-awareness, build self-confidence, develop strengths and addresses weaknesses and experiment with new behaviour and techniques.

The team must project their decision-making process and group intelligence onto the experience for the team to be successful. This ‘field practice’ allows learning to take place in a setting where cause and effect are closely linked in time. Knowledge is generated to improve teamwork, communication, and collaborative problem solving.

Overall Goal

To provide a total principle-based self-learning, realization and conviction on the team building process

Program Objectives

At the end of this program, team members will:

– Be able to gain knowledge and principles of teamwork

– Develop a level of openness that will foster and increase mutual trust and confidence, improve their inter-personal relation to create team cohesiveness, and create sense of ownership

– Experience working in a challenging stimulated team activity achieving synergistic results

– Be convinced to commit to the excellent operating principles that they bench mark by themselves, apply and diagnose their current practices with the view to change

– Formulate blueprint for back-at-the job implementation to transfer the learning to the job situation


The program will use the experiential learning methodology that involves a cycle of stages. Participants will experience engaging activities that have been designed to bring out the learning points. They will reflect on the experience to realize the learning that they subsequently transfer for work application.

Your investment for this 3-days/2-nights training for a minimum of 20 delegates will include:

– Accommodation in air-conditioned chalet on twin sharing basis

– 2 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 1 Dinner, 1 Poolside BBQ, 2 Coffee Breaks and 1 Supper

– Facilitators, Outdoor Instructor and Guides

– Internal Transportation

– Insurance for outdoor activities

– Certificate

– Activities (Caving, Jungle Trekking, Flying Fox, Rafting/Tubing, Water Confidence Exercise, Blow Pipe)

“Other Training Packages Available On Request”