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To the business community, the well-known maxim that ‘time is money’ seems to be lost on most people. Few in the market and fewer still in the travel industry understand or make an effort to consider the value of time to their clients. As a result, a lot of time and valuable efforts and resources are lost due errors or inefficiencies in travel planning.

Amber Regency Travel understands only too well this concern among the traveling business community. Which is why we have what we call our ‘closed-loop travel’ arrangement. With this arrangement, you will have a seamless travel plan where ever you go, whatever you do. This means that your business travel is taken care of from the moment you step out of the office and right through to the time you step back in. Our experienced Travel Planners will actually work with you while planning your travel plans and ensure that nothing is left to chance to make sure your travel is hassle free and little time is spent waiting.

Since the service is customized, you will receive a personalized attention whenever you book a journey through us. We don’t just dish out a mass produced product catering for every body but suitable for none. Our services can include pick-up and send-off to your points of choice, hotel reservations and even arranging meetings or golf outings at the club of your choice.

For getting around town, you can decide to be driven or choose a car to drive yourself. Should you decide to bring your spouse on your trip, we can even make arrangements for tours, trips or other interesting activities while you take care of business.

For all your business travels, it pays to travel with Amber Regency.

You take care of business. We free up your mind. We get it done.