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15 Dec 2009 14:42:11


Thank you for visiting us. Please take some time to browse through our site and allow us to offer you our services in Adventure and Special Interest Travel for your next visit to Malaysia.


To know more About Us. Click Here.


Amber Regency Travel Sdn Bhd is a travel services company based in Malaysia. Contact us now with your requirements to make the most of your stay in Malaysia, you will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer. Apart from Adventure and Leisure Travel, our packages can also be Family oriented and children friendly.  So if you are looking for an unforgettable trip for your children, make it Malaysia and make it Amber Regency Travel Sdn Bhd.


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Try spending a night or two in the jungle with us in Jungle Survival.


Our areas of speciality are in Eco-tourism, Adventure and Sports Travel. Within these areas are plenty of holiday packages to cater to any kind of holidays that you might want, whether you want to be adventurous or simply have a Family Holiday.


As a local company based in Malaysia, Amber Regency Travel is better prepared to serve your requirements in Malaysia. We know the lay of land and that translates into a hands-on and total approach in package formulation.


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Ever tried Fresh Water Fishing deep in the Rain Forest?



If you crave for a rush of adrenalin, look up our range of activities for the adventurous traveller, everything from the village to the city and from the beach to the jungle.


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How about taking a bath with elephants? Wild Life


Amber Regency Travel has also been an experienced travel and tour services provider to the Corporate and Incentive Travel market, catering to business travellers, corporate groups and Incentive Packages. Amber Regency Travel is well positioned to manage all your Business Travel and tour requirements for your next business visit to Malaysia.


Malaysia has a lot to offer and Amber Regency Travel is your gateway to all the fun that is Malaysia.


Take time to go through our pages and see what suits you best and when its time for your next trip to Malaysia do let us know and well do the rest to make sure you have the time of your life in Malaysia. We especially recommend that you browse through our photo gallery for all the sights and thrills and convince yourself that Malaysia is your next destination.


Take a look in our Products and Services area to find a package of your interest and click the link for further details.



Make it Malaysia and make it Amber Regency Travel.

Contact Us Now At sales-at-ambertravel-dot-com-dot-my



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All dealings and transactions with Amber Regency Travel Sdn Bhd including use of this web site and all information contained here constitute agreement to our Terms and Conditions. We strongly suggest that you read and understand the Terms and Conditions before proceeding.



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